Windows 10 randomly freezes and reboots when using a USB-C connection


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I have a Windows 10, that cannot handle the USB-C to USB-C connection, it simply freezes when I connect a Dell U2719DC Monitor to the computer.

I already update both Windows 10 and ATI graphical card, and nothing.

Also tried to use a display port from USB-C to HDMI, and here seems to work 90% of the time but I have encountered random behaviours from it like, rebooting Windows 10 in an infinite loop, and also freezing Windows.

Seems like there is a problem in my Windows 10, when using the USB-C as a display port, but dont know what can be. In this machine I only have 2 USB-Cs, there is no other video ports like DP and HDMI, its an iMac.



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Offcourse, its straight forward process that is done under Bootcamp in macOS, it must be used a iso from Windows 10 as well as a pendrive to get all the drivers to be used in Windows 10.


I think there is no way to achive that in a mac device.


Dont know where to find in intel website the latest chipset driver for this mac machine.


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3) Dont know where to find in intel website the latest chipset driver for this mac machine.
Well, I suppose Apple doesn't have any interest in providing drivers for Windows. Normally, the manufacturers of the devices provide the drivers for those devices. For example if you buy an Asus laptop you can find the drivers for it on the official website of Asus.
Sorry but I don't think it is a viable thing to run Windows on MAC.

Dear colleagues on this forum, if you know a solution that works, please help.


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I know livix07, I am a sysadmin in an environment with several macs(but not choosen by me), 90% of them using Windows, and its like you have said. Thanks anyway.


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Whats the spec of the machine? Maybe a newer usb c driver is available