Windows 10 Reservation Problems

I am not on my computer at the moment so I cannot provide full details.

Basically, I had tried everything but the Get Windows 10 icon wouldn't appear. After days, I figured out McAfee had blocked GWX Manager, so I unblocked it and then ran a script from a Microsoft forum post, and it finally appeared. Now, it says due to a critical issue windows 10 might install incorrectly on my PC. It says "Air Display (Microsoft Something) MMDM (or something) v1.1"

That is the only thing in the little box of errors. My family also has another of the exact same computer, and monitor (since the error has display in it?), which it displayed the get windows 10 icon and had no errors. What should I do? I tried a little googling around but I found nothing.


EDIT: it says:

Critical Issues ----------------------------
Here's why Windows 10 can't be installed on this PC.

Air Display (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1)
You'll experience problems with your display.

That is what it says on my computer right now. What do I do?

EDIT 2: I think I fixed it but it now says Last run on 6/6/2015. How do. I refresh it now?

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I had that gwx.exe start up thing recently. I had to delete the 'kb3something' update to get rid of it.

Bump because I updated post with full details

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