Windows 10 Windows 10 Sound fluctuates up and down troubleshoot

How to fix sound without repartitioning my hardrive with a new installation for Windows 10?

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Brian Parent

New Member
Sep 7, 2017
I bought an Alienware Aurora R5. I'm under a 3 year extended warranty through Dell for parts and software. The sound fluctuates up and down even after I try to update the sound drivers. I don't want to do a complete reinstall. I want the sound driver fixed! Is there anything that you can recommend? People complained about this happening in Windows XP and in Windows 7. Is there any damn place I can download the sound drivers and delete the sound drivers I have installed?
I have an I5 6400 Processor
GTX 1070 Founders Edition Graphics Card
32 Gigs of Ram
You can check Dell's site for the most current driver or if they don't have one you can download one from the audio device manufacturer, but typically you want to stick with what's offered by the computer manufacturer.

It's also possible malware is pressing the volup and voldown keys programmatically.
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