Windows 10 Tip: How to use LinkedIn and Microsoft Word to help you write your resume


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It’s called Resume Assistant, and it was created to help Office 365 subscribers craft compelling resumes with personalized insights powered by LinkedIn.

Here’s how to get started:

Simply open your resume in Word, click Review, and then Resume Assistant. (The first time you do this, click Get started in the pane).

Type the role you’re interested in, and optionally, an industry – then click See examples, and Resume Assistant will show you work experience descriptions you can use as inspiration for writing your own description. Resume Assistant can also show you top skills related to the role, as identified by LinkedIn – try filtering the examples by the skills you have.

Resume Assistant also surfaces relevant job opportunities for you directly within Word. Once you spot a job you like, you can go directly to the job opening on LinkedIn to learn more about the opportunity and apply. You can even let recruiters know that you’re open to new opportunities by turning on Open Candidates.

You don’t need a LinkedIn account to use Resume Assistant, although you can sign in to LinkedIn (or sign up for an account) when you follow a link from Word to the LinkedIn site.

Head over to the official LinkedIn blog or visit Office Support to learn more, and have a great week!

Windows 10 Tip: How to use LinkedIn and Microsoft Word to help you write your resume

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*Availability: Resume Assistant is now available to Office 365 subscribers on Windows whose Word 2016 desktop display language is set to English, who are located in and whose Windows region is set to one of the following region locations: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, and United States. The Region location setting can be found in the Control Panel under Clock, Language, and Region. Resume Assistant can be found in the Review tab of Word.

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