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With a bit of trepidation I have upgraded my Dell laptop with Windows 10 and everything was fine. As a precaution I have created a USB recovery stick. When I tried to boot up the laptop with this drive, a screen came up asking me for the keyboard language I wished to use. At the bottom of the screen is an option for more keyboard languages, following the short language list beginning with A. However I couldn't find a way of accessing more languages beyond the first page. The mouse at this point was not recognised. So there must be a keyboard press which I have missed and I am just wondering what it might be?


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my screenshots may help:



Your ability to add languages may also depend on which version of Windows your running. I'm pretty sure you have to be running the Pro version to add languages.

Thanks, I've figured it out now. By using the tab key on my laptop, I can get to all the language screens. You are correct- I am running the Pro version.

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