Windows 11 Windows 11 DISASTER for disabled users!

VoiceUser 429

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Feb 8, 2022
ALERT to the disabled community who uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15! Windows 11 is NO GOOD. It doesn't allow any commands for using key applications, such as Firefox and Google Chrome and Google email. The Microsoft browser of Edge is also not voice-enabled, which is why I changed to using Firefox after the sad demise of Internet Explorer. The built in voice control tool in Windows has never been as good as Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Why can't Microsoft get this right? In some years past, Microsoft had a firm commitment to making sure all of their applications were voice accessible.

As a whole new operating system, though, Windows 11 is already a failure - one that Microsoft will have to live with for the next five years. It's just too bad that we'll have to live with it as well.