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windows 11 network stalls on some sites unless i use vpn.


New Member
Oct 23, 2022
i have been having this problem for months. using some sites the network stalls. like on youtube. if i connect to a VPN the problem stops. my wife's computer on the same network and router "both wired btw not wifi." has no problem. if i do a speed test it runs at full speed and other websites work just fine. pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. my wife's computer is on windows 10 and mine 11. any ideas?
Any security software, browser extensions that alter content? One browser, multiple? Private mode different?
just basic windows stuff. i tried a completely clean format with a clean chrome and still have the same problem. i updated the MB bios and all the windows updates and drivers. new network cable also.
i noticed 2 network card updates in the last 2 weeks. leading me to belive it might be a driver problem that they have not fixed yet? might put a different net card in and see if that solves it.
Please check these settings. Might be one of these causes your trouble

Clear your browser cache
Disable extensions
Try a different browser
Check your firewall settings
Check your antivirus software
Check your DNS settings
Check your Router's QOS settings