windows 7-64bits freeze cant find the sollution

Hi everyone,
this is my first post here because i saw there were alot of threads going on about windows 7 freeze i thaught you might be able to help me with my problem.

i have a pc ~1 year old now and ~3-4 months ago windows 7 started to freeze randomly for like 30-45 seconds.
in the first 8-9 months i didnt have any problem with this.

here is a small setup list of my hardware:
motherboard: MSI X58 Pro-E
cpu: Int i7 920 2666 BOX1333 8MB
memory: D3 4GB 1600-888 T1 XMP K2 KHX(kingston)
video card: nvidia GTX 295 (MSI)
hard disks: wd 500gb idee, wd 1tb sata, wd 1.5tb sata.
power supply: CooMas Silent Pro M 700W ATX2

i have had a clean windows 7 setup for a pretty long time and after some month it randomly froze for 30-45 seconds. pretty long if you are waiting..

the things i have done to check where the problems are:
*replaced power supply. still have the same issue so put it back in.
*did a memory test (was fully successfull)
*installed windows xp on another hd(no problems with windows xp 32bit)
*made a dual boot xp/win7. win7 still works like cr*p.
* removed 1 of 2 memory slots so i only worked with 2gb memory(tried both but no solution)
* removed dust with air under presure.
* reinstalled win 7 on other HD(makes no difference)
* tried both windows 7 pro and windows 7 ultimate(both 100% legal(school MSDNAA DVD and Coperate edition from work to test)(makes no difference)
* scanned for virusses with Malwarebytes and kasperky anti virus(also legal versions)
*made smaller os hard drive partition(100gb instead of 1tb)
*changed to simple nvidia 8400gs video card
* did checkdisk(no errors)

i think this is about it. its possible i forgot some things.


Try restore to a date that u remember it worked. U didn't reset BIOS i would of try that first but not sure if it solves the problem.

ok will try that... just set jumper to jbat and remove battery right? then put jbat back and restart pc


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I had a similar problem on two different Windows 7 computers.
My old one did this a lot, when I got my new one I didn't expect to see the problem again but it was still there.

In my case the mouse would not start working again unless I either unplugged it and plugged it back in or logged out and back in using the key board. At other times it wouldn't freeze but just get really laggy!

I posted about it here a few times.

When I changed to a new mouse the problems stopped for a while.
Reinstalling the mouse drivers would fix it for a while as well.

I never found a real answer I just switched back and forth between mice when it happened.

Now the freeze problem only happens for a few seconds and then is back to normal but the mouse gets laggy somethings and I have to just stop for a while until it gets caught up.

How does a mouse run out of resources?
My computer can run Age of Conan at speed up to 250 Fps, how can there not be adequate resources for the mouse?

I never found an answer, the problem has mitigated to the point that I just kind of ignore it but I still wonder what causes this.

You don't say that you tried an different mouse, or different mouse drivers but that's what helped in my case. I'm using a Razor Deathadder mouse and drivers.


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Mike, the answer is that Razer is extremely foul when it comes to drivers. They repackage 2005 drivers and label them as 2010 on their website.

These very same drivers bsod computers all over the place and the only way to fix it is to uninstall the software and use another mouse.

Hope that helps ya out man.


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I've got several mice around here I'll try out some others.



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I feel whenever a system hesitates for a short period of time, that it is doing something that causes the hesitation. Perhaps it is trying to reconnect to the net, or maybe doing an update to some program, or some other back ground process that causes the hesitation.

The fact you installed on a clean drive is a little troubling since if you did not load any other software, it might be a hardware situation.

Does it happen in safe mode?

Is it related to any time period or time of day?

Anything in the Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc) that might indicate a continuing problem? Look for errors or warnings that seem to happen frequently, especially around the time of the hesitations?

Check the Information window (msinfo32.exe) for problem devices, or check the device manager for any flags.

Check your startup utilities in the info window, or msconfig.exe.

Leave Task Manager open so you can watch what might be using processor power. You can also open a Resource Monitor and watch the internet connection or Hard Drive activity.

Are you overclocking?

Are you using basic Win 7 drivers or upgrades to those, or manufacturer supplied drivers?

Do you have any external devices plugged in, like flash drives, or PS2s?

in my case i just remove the batterry wait 10s to 1min and put the battery back and restart

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