Windows 7 and Appserv problem

I have a problem in installing Appserv 2.6.0 in my colleague's windows 7 computer.
After installation apache didn't start and just show blank page with the page can't be displayed.
Then I tested in my windows 7 computer with the same version and installation and it works fine.
Then tried to search in internet and found one solution that need to change hosts file.
But it can't save the changes as of permission permission problem.
I don't know what kind of differences is there in those 2 windows 7 computer have?
How to check and how to solve?
Please help me .

Re: Windows 7 and Appserv probelm

I doubt that making any changes to a host file will allow a program to install well when it hasn't.

That being said, you can take ownership of the hosts file.

Take Ownership Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums


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Re: Windows 7 and Appserv probelm

Some solutions here:

Some wrote Just reinstall appserv, and in server name write any name with no spaces and no special letters (eg. "testserver" instead of "Test Server")
Some wrote to just restart and some said just to use version 2.58
There are other suggestions there. Check it out.

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