Windows 7 and Sata-Drivers

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by Aion, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Apr 28, 2009
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    I have next motherboard: Ga-Ep45c-Ds3
    When i`m starting to install windows 7 ( 1 step), i have this message:
    Installation program hasn`t found HDD and so on.....
    I have sata drivers for Xp/Vista 32, but not for Win7 on my Cd ( cd for my motherboard)
    But OS writes, that they aren`t supported.

    Is it problem in my Bios?
    Or i should find special sata-drivers for this OS?
    ( I have tried to install drivers for Vista and Xp)
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    Jan 17, 2009
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    When I install Vista on my Intel motherboard system it asks for HD drivers but it's referring to drivers for RAID.

    When I installed Windows7 beta it just went right on and didn't ask for drivers.
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    Mar 17, 2009
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    1. Is this a new HDD?
    2. Is this SATA or PATA HDD? Make and Model please (To make sure it has no reported problem)
    3. In the BIOS setup, do you notice this HDD with all its normal attributes [EX: Name & size, Cyl etc ( you may have to press ENTER to find size etc )]
    4. If it is not a new hdd, is it partitioned and formatted and used by other oses?
    Your MoBo is current enough and shouldn't normally cause issues like this:) I regret missing the heading of your post saying it is a SATA hdd; I did not find the reference in the message body. So, please ignore Q-2 in my post.
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    Apr 19, 2009
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    Is your hard drive attached to the Intel controlled SATA or the Gigabyte controlled SATA ports??

    If it is attached to the Gigabyte controlled SATA ports make sure that you have the Gigabyte controller device drivers on either a floppy drive or a usb drive and point the installation to those drivers at the right time. If they are connected to the Intel contolled SATA ports make sure you have the Intel device drivers on the floppy/usb drive instead.

    Also make sure that you set the BIOS properties correctly - the first one in the Integrated Peripherals page refers to the Intel controller and should be set to either:-
    1. IDE (if you want the drive to function in legacy IDE mode)
    2. AHCI (if you want the drive to take advantage of enhanced SATA features such as Native Command Queuing etc)
    3. RAID (if you have set up a RAID array on two or more drives previously)

    Somewhere near the bottom of the Integrated Peripherals page in the BIOS setup, it says something like "Onboard SATA/IDE Device" - this is the Gigabyte controller which you can set up in much the same manner as the Intel controller ( i.e. IDE/ACHI/RAID).

    If you wish the drives to be used in legacy IDE mode, set them up as such in the BIOS - but you will not require the requisite drivers during the Windows 7 installation.

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