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Windows 7 Windows 7 back to Vista.


New Member
Feb 10, 2009
I downloaded the Windows 7 beta about a month ago not even and I haven't had a problem with it till now. It wont let me play one of my MMO games out of the 4 that I have. I've no reason why, but it refuses to run Bloodymare: Requiem. I need to know if there is a way I could switch back to Vista from Windows 7 because I completely upgraded from Vista to win7. Can someone please assist me. Thank you
You can not go back to Vista without a format and clean install.
So how do I do that?

Well I'd rather wipe my computer and go back to vista that way I can install Windows 7 on another Hard Drive so how do I go about formatting and doing a clean install?
What is the size of your present hard drive?
If you have had no problems with 7 Beta, why not hang on to it for a while. There may be a solution .-it is only a Beta.
What about shrinking your Windows 7 installation, and making room for Vista on another partition? You will then get the best of both. Installing Vista will automatically give you a dual boot option.
You can shrink, if you have room, by opening Administrative tools - Computer Management - Disk Management.
Well I do have a problem with Windows 7, It won't allow me to start up one of my games and I have no Idea because my other 3 work it's just that one that doesn't... And also I'd love to have a dual boot it's just i'm not really that advanced at this kind of stuff yet... I have xp home edition I could dual boot with but Vista came with the laptop so I dont have the actual boot disk. So if you could tell me how to do that then that would work as well.. But I really rather just get this damn game to work. :frown: