Windows 10 Back to windows - confused - wake on lan to resolution


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so I haven't used windows really since 2006, being a Mac user, but a huge fan of gaming, but fed up with having to buy the latest consoles every couple years... Xbox 360 original, 360 slim... xbox one to Xbox s/x and now the Xbox series gen. So I got my holiday money for 2020 summer holiday, and built A pc which I can slowly upgrade where needed.

my Setup is, running 4k via my tv, running at 300% for text app size.

when I boot my pc up, the boards logo shows, but it’s very small, and the bios text info on same screen is also too small, but bios itself is fine. why and how do fix this?
how can I wake up my pc from not in sleep mode (aka turned off) I can wake from sleep
the “picture”/“window” doesn’t seem to fit my tv, the edges are cut off by a small amount, again how do I fix this?
is there away that I can have an imaged startup icons for different os systems, my pc has Linux running too.
is there a theme that makes my pc run more like xp/vista?