Windows 7 Build 7048 - Need to install via setup.exe

Hi guys
I tried making a Bootable DVD from the 7048 build and then do a Clean install -- this fails with "A citical file couldn't be loaded" -- I KNOW my DVD is genuine so I assume that it's probably something with the way I was trying to create the BOOT record.

I stripped the boot record off a VISTA disk (probably an error).

However I just installed build 7022 on the desktop (64 bit version) as a CLEAN install --- didn't install anything else and then did an immediate upgrade to build 7048 . This is almost as good as a clean install .

This worked fine.

Still can't get the Windows Experience to work however.


Update -- My DVD was faulty
Create the Boot rec from the X-64 build 7022 version and then use Ultraiso to create your bootable build -7048 DVD

works fine (Boot rec from build 7000 probably would work as well)



New Member
boot record from 7000 works fine.
I used it on my thumbdrive to do my install, clocked it as 16 mins, 32 sec. :)

Where the hell do you find the option to upgrade your build?


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You boot off the new build's DVD, or run the new build's setup, then it'll ask you "Upgrade" or "Custom", you choose Upgrade. lol

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