Windows 7 Windows 7 Build 7070 - not fake this time


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Jan 12, 2009
Here are the screenshots of Windows 7 Build 7070 leaked by some guy whose dad works at works at SQL server division :D

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7070 has been compiled, but I don't think it has leaked YET. I'm a bit weary as to whether that screenshot is real, as they didn't even take the time to bring up a Winver (They're a little harder to fake than a cmd prompt and desktop watermark due to font)
Honestly, I would be surprised if 7070 leaks within the next week or so. Then again, I've been wrong before. I want to say that I wouldn't upgrade to it....but I can't.

<----build junkie :razz:
^LOL - but that's understandable. it's very tempting to try out what's new on certain builds... or what you can do to crash the new build (i do that just for fun and testing :D )

i have been using build 7000 since it came out and never switched. but i am considering. one of the main reasons why i haven't made the switch is because they're leaked and not official. not that i doubt the capability of the leaked version, but i'd rather test the official just to go with the standards. and i got scared with the 7068 bug where the windows media player is displayed upside-down. haha :D

i guess i'll try 7070 any time soon.
The guy who actually leaked the screenshot has removed them...seems like his dad is in shit load of crap... :))
The guy who actually leaked the screenshot has removed them...seems like his dad is in shit load of crap... :))
I think, maybe, he is the one in the crap!
If you trace the origin of the post, you will find that he has been thrown out of the forum where he originally posted - lol.
"Well Arstechnica has also confirmed I dont think its fake"
I think they rather commented than confirmed, I guess it is a matter of perception. They are also using a term, now running wild on the web "Escrow". This would not, axiomatically, be a RC as it should, by definition, include the source code. Certainly an "escrow " could be on the cards, but not as an RC to the public.

" it's very tempting to try out what's new on certain builds... "
This has been discussed before. Builds are not sent (or leaked!) sequentially. They are sent out, randomly, by Microsoft, to individuals, such as hardware producers or program writers (particularly driver writers), for the purpose of checking, among other things, if "bugs" have been rectified. Leaked builds may have old bugs and features in them.
^^ Was just having a little chat on IRC with someone at Microsoft's SQL Server division, apparently he got fired and is banned from the premises. They removed him this morning from the building and served him with a restraining order. That's what you get for letting your kid in to take screenshots of in development software.

Oh, and the current in house build is 7074. :)
That is a subject that has intigued me for many years Kyle.
Microsoft is one of the biggest concerns at home and intternationally, in the world. It amazes me that they are able to keep anything confidential.
With respect for those persons, they must surely employ people in the lesser priviliged parts of the world, on salaries appropriate to their abode(s), who could easily be tempted to make a little extra cash. Many of those employees must have better than average access to development projects.
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It's not amazing at all -- just look at the number of Laptops that "go missing" weekly from a lot of Government employees (no particular country at fault here -- this seems to be pretty common across the board) with sometimes highly sensitive information on it.

If the CIA / KGB etc at the highest level couldn't keep stuff 100% secure --what chance of a "reasonably open" organisation like Microsoft have.

I'll bet in any typical "Server" / "Techies" area a "Clean Desk" policy whilst might be company rules is usually not enforced -- there's usually loads of DVD's / other stuff lying around. Most "techies" I've ever seen can not by any stretch of the imagination be called "Neat Freaks". :)

A "knowledgeable" cleaner etc could probably under the right conditions obtain load of "goodies" with minimal risk and probably quite easily - especially when being paid a reasonable amount of money.

Hollywood just thrives on these sort of scenarios. :p

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