Windows 7 CHKDSK problem

Here's my setup:
Video Card EVGA nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+
Creative X-Fi Extreme Fatal1ty Pro Series
ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo
Intel Core 2 Quad
1TB w/ multiple partitions
Other JBODs for storage
4GBs or RAM
Win 7 pro 64-bit
Previous OS: Win XP pro 32-bit
1. I did a clean install from XP 32 to W7 64 on the partition that had Win XP
2. Successfully installed W7 and started adding typical windows update
3. Updated drivers for Video and Sound cards
4. Installed my Norton 360 premier edition
after leaving my PC on for a while, it went to sleep and I could not wake it up without doing a reboot. After reboot W7 tells me to do a CHKDSK. After it does it thing, I can get into W7. So I turned it off and then on- AND I get the CHKDSK issue again. Even my Norton 360 tells me my C drive has some "file system errors". Please help. If I can't get this resolve- I'm going back to XP and wait out for "the W7 service pack".


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Could be Norton itself is the cause of your woes...maybe try one of the known safe AV apps till Norton update it, aside from that sleep mode and hybernate are pretty naff to be fair...unless your a eco-hobbit i'd just disable them entirely.

Have you defragged? I saw this for the first time today when I rebooted after defragging.


Apparently Norton isn't always the culprit. I have no Norton, but do had Kaspersky 2010 installed, and have the identical problem with Chkdsk.

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