Windows 7 Windows 7 CRASHES when loading anything that has to do with .net, including updates!

Nicholas Fair

New Member
Dec 25, 2012
I have no idea what is wrong. I have tried everything. Nothing is working. I have uninstalled everything .net on my pc, and used the clean up tool for it, and re-installed, and nothing. It freezes up anything I try to update anything with Windows Update, or when I use a program that uses the .net framework.

Do you know which version of .Net is having the problem? Anything in Event Viewer about the problem.

If you system is Blue Screening, you might check the BSOD forum to see how to set up the system to create dump files you could attach.

In Programs and Features, if .Net 4 was involved, there is an option to repair it. The earlier .Net installs are, I believe, part of Windows 7 basic install.