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-After a successful install of both Windows 7 Beta 32 bit and 64 bit.. I have been testing away for a few hours now.. I've said it before but I'll say it again.. Microsoft has a true gem on their hands this time around!! I love Windows 7 and hope it is released in stores this year! :)

I do wanna comment on the defragmenter in 7 though.. It is vastly improved over Vista's in all aspects.. it's faster, seems to do a much better job and actually gives you a progress bar.. Total time to defragment my Windows 7 partition (89GB's) : 10 minutes!!!! ;) I usually use a 3rd party defragmenter but I think this time around I'll be sticking with the Windows one.. until it gives me reason to think otherwise of course..

Also just a note on memory useage so far..
(My total system memory: 4GB Crucial DDR2 800mhz Ram)

Windows 7 Beta 32 bit total Memory in use after 1 defrag : 22%!!!!!! :)
Windows 7 Beta 64 bit total Memory in use after 1 defrag : 24%!!!!!! :)


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Indeed the defragmenter is vastly improved than the ones i have seen in the past. Usually it would take several hours to defrag. But i tried mine a little bit ago and it took less than 15 minutes. :razz:

And now at least it show's us a percent.
I always liked being mystified by the bars of multiple colors showing whats fragmented, and other things. Then in vista they basically ripped out the entire UI, not even a percent. Now we are halfway back with the UI, I'm no longer mystified, but at least I'm not ripping my hair out scream "What??? No UI at all?" kudos to windows 7 for saving my hair.


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I am glad that you folks are loving it. I just tried mine and it froze at 21% while analyzing.

I still miss the win 98 defragmenter. I loved watching all the bits fly around the screen. Yes the vista defragmenter was horrible. The win 7 deal is impressivly fast.

I tried out the Windows 7 defragmentor last night. Worked great, I was all defragged in about 10 minutes !!


Didn't give me a signal whether I needed to defrag or not. Maybe I missed something. Took well over an hour. Dunno. Only thing on this machine I like xp better than windows 7. (Only one try though.)

Usually it would take several hours to defrag.
Several hours? :eek:

I don't think I've ever seen more than 20 or 30 minutes of defragmenting on any machine we've had here since Windows 95, and we've always had the largest hard drives we could find.

Sounds like a cpu issue more than a defragmenter issue; slow cpu=slow programs, including the defragmenter. Unless you were one of those who only did defragmenting every month or so. ;)

Built-in Defragementer? Seriously?

Why would anyone use the built in defragmenter anyways?

The one that's in XP is a "busted" version of Diskeeper. Try JkDfreg or JkDefrag64 (JkDefrag v3.36) and READ up on what defragmenting too often does to the life of your drives. Twice a month is all I've ever done it and that policy has served me well over the years even back in the Gazelle Defrag days (and no - I'm not referring to Gazelle Consulting). And, I use my systems nearly ALL THE TIME.

And don't believe the HYPE either: " Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier will extend the life and increase the efficiency of your systems while greatly increasing workplace productivity" Ri-i-i-i-ight and I'm pregnant with twin elephants.

I do agree that it needs be done from time to time but finding the RIGHT balance of when and how often depends HEAVILY on your use patterns and that's where a product like diskeeper can help. Remember though, you will sacrifice a little bit of performance for the process that does the monitoring. On my work machine, occasionally, the diskeeper (Pro Premier 2009) background process will spike at 65% of the CPU for a few minutes. Unfortuantely for me that's USUALLY when I need to get VS.NET TS up fast to solve a production problem :(.

Auslogics makes a great defragmenter. That's what I use in Vista and had on XP.

But the Windows 7 defragmenter seems to be just as good and almost as fast as Auslogics.

I did notice that the Windows 7 "disc cleanup" utility is just as bad as Vista's and XP's. So I went with CCcleaner again for those chores.

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