Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit - Disk 0 Partition 2 suddenly missing

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    Hi All,

    There's probably similar posts but I went thru them and THIS IS NOT SIMILAR ISSUE.

    Please read on and thank you in advance if you can provide any help.

    I just got this new Corporate Imaged PC 1 week ago. Disk 0 came w/ 320GB (a single partition w/ letter "C").

    From past experience, I know it's a good idea to shrink C drive's volume and make room for a Data partition D - in case anything happens, my data is intact. It worked fine until this morning and I already saved some data on D.

    All of a sudden, I don't see D drive in Windows Explorer any more. So I went to Computer Management -> Disk Management for a look. I see something really strange:

    Disk 0 Partition 2 missing.

    Guess nothing's safe w/ Windows any more?!

    Has anybody seen/heard this problem before?
    Any suggestions how I can retrieve my data from previous drive D?


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