Windows 7 Fanactics : So Windows 7 Build 6956 vs. Windows XP SP3?

I'm omitting Vista from this simply because we all know were Vista stands and I think we can all agree to disagree when it comes to Vista.

I'm still undecided on this one. In many ways, I'm leaning towards 7 build 6956. The main reason I'm not 100% in favor of 7 over XP SP3 yet though is because of the Compatibility feature.

There are numerous apps and games I have tried running on Windows 7 build 6956 that just refuse to work no matter what mode I set them to run in. I realize 7 is in ALPHA stages but still. This bugs me because 95% of these apps/games that won't run in build 6956 DO run in Windows XP SP3 with no problems at all.

I'm all for moving on and leaving some ancient technology in the dust, however, if your going to offer a "Compatibility" feature then at least make it do what it is supposed/designed to do.

So there's my openining rant.. lol If you don't like it then tough s*!t, I wrote it. So now I'd like to hear your views on this subject. ;)

Sorry if this written in a confusing way, lol, the brownies I had earlier are starting to kick in... ;)

Having said all that.. I still am really diggin Windows 7 all around and I certainly will be buying the full retail 7 Ultimate upon release. I'm just pointing out a feature that's pissing me off because as we all know, there's no such thing a completely "flawless" OS...

I do have to admit though 7 is the closest to completely "flawless" that I've seen in a long time.. Kudos to Microsoft. ;)


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There is no way to install any of these pre-beta versions of Windows 7 on a production computer or on a business network safely. Doing so would be insane and a very bad idea. Wait until the final release! On a large network it is difficult to do a big migration from XP to any other operating system. I work in a department where I am the only member of the IT Department, besides the head of the department. If I was asked to upgrade every Windows XP machine to Windows 7. I cannot even tell you what a job it is to get 50+ computers upgraded to XP SP3. I don't know where what I am writing is leading, but I am sure Windows 7 will be a better operating system than XP, but there are still so many systems that are Celerons and Pentium 4's running with 256MB of RAM on Windows 2000 and XP.

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