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To me, Windows 7 just feels so much different from Xp and past OS's. Even in classic theme, it just seems glossier and more eye candy. Does anyone feel the same? And is there away to make it feel like Windows 95 or 2000? Even a guide for Vista because that feels the same way as 7 to me.
Wouldn't that be the whole idea? Perhaps a copy of Windows 98 can be found on eBay. For me, I want something different!
I agree, Windows 7 does have quite a different "feel" to it.. I find it even feels quite different from Vista.. ;) I know many don't agree with me on that but that's the beauty of opinions.. outside of school, their not right or wrong.. :) I don't know of any guides on how to get 7 to look more like 98 or older.. but then again I've never looked for any either.. since I don't want it to feel like an older version of Windows.. but I'm sure soon enough there will be some tweaks out there to have it resemble an older version.. ;) For now though why not enjoy the sheer beauty of Windows 7 just the way it is.. ;)
W7 feel

I would say W7 is just fine.I kind of anticipated that it would look just like Vista but its not. What I dont get is why such a dramatic change from XP to W7? With the new layout design I must admit it does make things easier.For myself I am quite satisfied with the appearance of W7. As far as W98 and W2000 go I dont think it took alot of horse power to push them and these days we are after more ideas and need more power to push.