"Windows 7 File Recovery" in Windows 8? MS forgot to rename this feature or what?

This has been bugging me for quite a while now. Since the developer preview, I have been noticing "Windows 7 File Recovery" to be sitting in the control panel. At first, I thought it's just there because it's in the testing phase. But now, it's still there in the RTM build (Build 9200). What does this mean? Isn't the RTM build nearly final (if you ignore a few patches that might be coming) ? If this is not by design (and I wouldn't want to think that it is), how did this get past the testing phases?



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This has been mentioned before on this forum. http://windows8forums.com/windows-8-support/10640-windows-7-file-recovery-windows-8-rtm.html
You're right, it does seem to be a peculiar if not ridiculous over-site and I did expect it to be corrected last Tuesday with the Update Tuesday roll-out but surprisingly it still wasn't, so evidently no one cares. Not sure why but evidently their concerns are apparently elsewhere. Who knows?

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