Windows 8 Windows 8 Backup Error 0x80070005 using Windows 7 File Recovery


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Dec 3, 2012
Made a attempt to backup my Win8 system to file server on LAN. Got the following:

Check your backup
Access is denied.

Error code: 0x80070005

My Win8 user acct has Administrative Authority. I can move files back and forth between PC and file server. I can download files directly to the file server via my PC but the Windows 7 File Recovery program within Control Panel (strange name for app in Win8) won't run. Went to several sites and they all have 0x80070005 solutions but the are for upgrading Win7 with diverse fixes but nothing for Win8. Went to MS Fix-it but nothing for Win8 as yet.

Any MS Certified Advisors with some input on this please?

Thank You Kindly


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We have both probably seen the same messages during a Network backup, but just to make sure we are on the same page. The utility asks for the user credentials of a user with Full Control at the location of the backup. On my own networked computer, there are only certain locations that will work.

And perhaps just read and write privileges might not be sufficient.

If it isn't that, any chance some firewall or anti-virus could be involved.
My first activity after building any system is to backup a HDD image. Too many years of blow ups I guess. I reloaded both the file server and my PC to their original images. I discovered that if you go into the properties of a HDD that is networked, you can setup a access for "Everyone" with "Full Control". It seems that security tab overrides the share/permissions authority, read that somewhere on a MS site. This has allowed my backups on both my wife's and my PC running Win8 Pro upgrade to work perfectly again. Rather drastic option but the most pain is loading the self-booting CDROM that allows me to overlay a original image of the OS including any and all packages that had been installed on that system. Having spent 38 years in IT I've learned to be a backup freak!

Thanks for the response,

Best of Luck to You Saltgrass
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