Windows 7 files are corrupt?

Hello there.

From second one I have had nothing but problems with windows 7 and here is my latest one.

For some reason I suddenly get file is corrupt for no apparent reason, happens to drivers, programs and even games.

My computer worked perfectly before windows 7 with no problems like this at all.

For example: I installed and talked on skype and then I turned it off cuz I had to update a network driver.

Then when I tried to start skype again 30 minutes later it says "executable is corrupt, reinstall etc"

Yesterday I finished installing a game ( company of heroes ) through steam and it worked perfectly.

Then when I tried to play it today it only wanted to start certain maps, when I tried to play other maps the game would just crash.

So when I did a file integrity check on the game it again discovered corrupt files and I am not forced to download the whole thing again.

Can anyone help me with this?


Check the integrity of your hard drive(s) with CHKDSK. Example -

chkdsk C: /f
Run this from a command prompt. To open one press the 'Windows' key + R to bring up the 'Run' box and then type in 'cmd' and press enter.

I found the problem.

It was not the harddrives, it was the memory.

I downloaded memtest and ran it and got tons of memory errors.

So I shut down the computer and ran the test with only 1 stick installed. Tons of errors.

Removed that stick and installed the other one, no errors at all.

Conclusion: one memory stick is faulty.


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