Windows 7 Forums opens in "---- 2.4B"....


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.... instead of "-- W7F 2.3" if I'm not logged in. I also have to totally fill password etc. etc..

This has only just (past week) started happening and I'm wondering if anyone has an idea why?


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Hey Kev;
Don't have an answer for you but could you tell us what browser you are using? If I have it installed I'll poke around and see if I can reproduce the problem here. I know there is some issues related to Chrome's latest Dev version and I think maybe some still with IE9 not sure but would be glad to do so experimenting if you like.


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2.4 is the new theme and it is the default if you are not logged in. Upon logging in, you should default back to the theme of your choosing. As a guest, you can also choose a theme, but once you log in or quit the session, this information is no longer saved.


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That explains it then! I thought I was jumping back to an older forum layout.
Its what you get used to seeing and totally through me the first couple of times.

BTW I'm using Firefox 3.6.12. It happens when I clear all cookies. I've not tried the log out and clear site cookies.

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Right, clearing cookies gives you default theme. : )


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Right, clearing cookies gives you default theme. : )
There you go then! I've tried (and give up) trying to train FF to hang on to four or five cookies but it just does its own thing.

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