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I have just bought a Dell 1645 Studio laptop - actually two. I returned the first one because it constantly froze. The second one is doing the same thing. It does it about twice per day and I cannot pinpoint the reason for it freezing. I can be working on a document, moving between folders, opening up new tabs on the internet and sometimes when I leave it standing for a while it freezes as well. Nothing works ie mouse, keyboard etc. I also have a large monitor connected and an external keyboard. I have looked at the other threads for freezing and I can see I am not alone but the Event Viewer information I have seen is different to mine.

It would be great if someone knew what was causing this problem. I am getting very frustrated as I am sometimes in the middle of documents and lose some data.




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a number of things can cause a computer to freeze although one of the more common ones is overheating. If you download this small application here: HWiNFO32 version 3.32 download from

You can then use it to see what temps your running... Please post your findings here.

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