Windows 7 Freezing Cannot take it anymore!

Hello guys, some months ago i bought a new graphics card. While at it i installed windows 7 RC 7100 build for dx 10.1.

Ok here is the problem: I keep on getting freezes randomly not all the time but: Starting game in steam/Browsing internet/beign afk/Shutting down game/ and mostly browsing internet.

About one month ago it froze really often, when i browsed internet it froze directly, with IE/FIREFOX/OPERA but then I downloaded google chrome and it doesn't freeze that much.. But it's really annoying. It keeps freezing all the time and I cannot find a fix for it. I have been clicking on the restart button on my computer aloads of time im wondering if its going to break soon.

Freezing = Cannot move mouse, all still, cannot ctrl-alt-delete, cannot do ANYTHING just freeze. I have to restart computer and there i can choose to play in safe mode.

Safe Mode= It works, no freeze at all. I can browse web and stuff, NO freeze at all

Please guys, I have been suffering with this for months and I really want to use my computer.

And yes, I have googled, GOOGLEd GOOGLED, BUT always same threads everyday since 2months ago so now im posting one myself.

P.S: System spec:

Graphic card: ATI Radeon 4870 XxX edition
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40ghz(2 CPUs), ~900mhz

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Help help help help help help help been 13 hours and no responese


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Please try this:
1. Click on: start/ Administrative tools /system configuration.
2. Select: diagnostic startup.
3. Reboot.

Run the computer for as long as possible and see if this cures the problem.

If it does then go back to step 1. and select: Selective start up and tick one of the boxes. and reboot, then try the other box and reboot. you should then be able to determine if it is services or a start up items that is causing the problem then you will have to try running the pc with no services or no start up items and gradually add one at a time until the problem returns. the last item added will be the culprit.

while you are trying this I hope one of the more experienced guys will answer your question


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Safe Mode= It works, no freeze at all. I can browse web and stuff, NO freeze at all
Clearly Nehoma is correct in the assumption it's not the OS itself but an app thats been installed that is twitchy, since Safe mode bypasses much of the crap to a clean driverless mode, drivers would be my first port of call to update, then firewall programs if not using native windows one.

i dont know what to update already updated all drivers


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then stage two would be to look at applications that autorunning not nativley installed by OS's likely a long painstaking way to find the issue, but likely the only way. Disable (run MSCONFIG from start and untick a app and reboot) or uninstall security apps one by one reboot and test apps like zonealarm, firewalls, antivirus, malware etc to see if anything changes...then revert if no change.


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It is not windows 7 itself that is causing the problem I have been running it for a month or two now without any problems at all. Most everything that runs in Vista works ok in Win 7 but not everything.
Have you done a malware check?
Have you done what I suggested earlier?
there is no quick fix

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