Windows 7 Windows 7 FSX addon scenery wont load

I'm having the problem of loading my addon scenerys back into FSX under Windows 7.

Previously I was placing them into the Addon scenery folder and then in the game clicked through to that parent folder and then it accepted it and loaded.
But under Windows 7 it will not accept the overall parent folder it wants to go into the scenery and texture folders.
i.e. XP - airport named Brisbane Intl, selected and that was it.
Win 7 - will not accept Brisbane Intl folder wants to go through to scenery/texture folder.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix or work around this problem ?



Hi Moose --- My old addons are working OK in FSX (with Xcellerator). The procedure I used was:
1. copy all the old *.bgl files into the AddonScenery\Scenery folder.
2. copy all the necessary Textures into the AddonScenery\Texture folder.
3. Start FSX and select <World> from the menu bar. Then highlight and move the "AddonScenery" group up to Priority 1 in the listing.
4. Restart FSX and your old addons should be activated.

Hope this helps.


Oops, item 3 should read:

3. Start FSX and select <World-Scenery Library> from the menu bar. Then highlight and move the "AddonScenery" group up to Priority 1 in the listing.

None of the above solutions work for me. FSX will not accept ANY scenery upgrades. Using <settings> or the menu bar <world> scenery library/addon scenery...........or whatever "addon scenery/scenery or texture are both empty, and I get the message "no items match your search". I have added many scenery enhancements, as well as aircraft to FS9, with no problems. I have Win 7 with FSX Xeleration pkg.


and where do you get the bgl in fsx

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