Windows 7 installation freeze i get a broken screen!

i'm running now windows xp.

i have a asus p5w dh deluxe motherboard.
4 gb of ram.
and u e6600 intel cpu

i have bought a 64 bit windows 7 dvd with my local dealer.

when i try to boot the dvd first i get the message windows is loading this goes fast
- then a second time windows is loading but this goes a bit slower (so far everything is normal)
- a windows screen comes with starting windows i can see the little bals comming on the screen and then suddenly they freeze.

a second or 10 later the screen goes to what has to be the installing screen but i get this:

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it looks like a broken screen....

can anybody help me or now what to do????

Grtz B


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After you boot to the DVD what type of install are you doing?

Where did you get the Win 7 DVD and is it a full version or upgrade?

Looks like a horse to me-------

no its not a fake one! i bought it at a big shop called media markt.

it is a full version 64 bit oem dvd disk.

I haven't choose any type of installation. I can't get that fare..

the broken screen should be the screen where you select youre language and timezone..

the strange thing is the disk starts normal on my brothers computer. I haven't installed on his pc offcourse.

is there nobodey else with this problem???

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The normal situation is the Windows is loading files will take a few minutes. It has a black and white bar along the bottom which is a progress bar. If you are getting the video you show during that period, something is really messed up.

And no, I have not seen this problem before.

I did not mean to infer it was a pirated copy, but maybe a student download you had burned yourself.

You aren't trying to do an in-place upgrade, since you can't do that from XP.

I haven't heard of any viruses that were causing problems, but something to think about.

I would probably get a new hard drive and try to install to it. Then you could eliminate any prior problems.

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