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i'm using Windows 7 7100 x86 RC. Whenever i download a large file, play games (World of Warcraft mostly) or anything else that uses alot of my bandwith my network suddenly disconnects from the internet, sometimes not registering the network at all. My pc is connected direct to the moden, through a USB cable. Modem modle is There is no set way to reconnect to the network, i've tried to disable IPv6, but it didnt help.


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I have the exact same problem except that this happens to me no matter how much bandwidth i use. It's seriously killin me i keep loggin' out from MSN and i get disconnected from games every few minutes, i have t ried reinstalling network card drivers and different drivers etc etc but the shit wont work. Help us fellow W7 users!!! Also i should add that i device manager doesn't show any troubles and Windows doesn't even notice when it happens i don't even think that i actually lose the connection.

Thanks in advance
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Problem solved for me, after many hours of moving computers,xbox360's and various other furniture, plugging the pc into the router instead of usb seems to ave fixed the problem, no disconnect in a few days. Sorry i couldn't find a solution to help you:(

kinda the same here

i have nearly the same problem. as soon as i start using a high bandwidth app over my wifi. it disconnects, and i have to reboot my pc to get it to work again.

Sometime after I'd been running Windows 7 for a while, I, too would suddenly, for no apparent reason realize I wasn't connected. The Internet feed was fine, modem, router, all fine. PC connects wirelessly. I'd go to Network & Sharing Ctr, find available connects & hit Connect & it would. AMde absolutely not sense to me then & not to this day. It would just be gone every once in a while; did it for a while; has done it now in so long I can't remember when the last time was.

No help to anyone, I know, but, just seemed fitting to share. Gotta love computers, eh?

Same here. Been running it awhile now, and suddenly it just likes to dc frequently and randomly. Is seriously starting piss me off.


I'm having the exact same issue. Any time I run a high bandwidth app such as multiple IE windows or a game (CoD, WoW) I get the same disconnect error and the only fix is a system restart. :frown:

I'm getting this sporadically too. Win 7 Home Premium x64 (upgrade from Vista x64). The disconnects were internet only, local network still seemed to be online. Internet connectivity would return maybe 1 minute after it went out.

I disabled IPv6 on my network adapter and rebooted, so far my connection seems more stable. *cross fingers*

I run Trillian Astra and/or Steam and notice they didn't seem to help the problem. Maybe my router is just too old, but I didn't have this particular problem with Vista.

So I spent about 2 hours on the phone with Microsoft trying to fix this problem and we did a variety of things that had been causing these problems with different users. I'll go through the things we did so you can try them all and see if it fixed your problem too.

1.) First we removed the Bonjour service that iTunes uses to communicate with certain devices. Apparently it's not compatible with Windows 7 and causes disconects.

2.) Removed Norton 360. Incompatible with Windows 7, causes disconnects. Norton has an update for subscribers but I just completely uninstalled for now because I'm lazy.

3.) This was the one the fixed it for me. Go into your device manager. (Control Panel --> Device Manager) and open up the drop down list under Network Adapters. Find your network controller(s), right click it (them) and uninstall. After uninstall is complete, click any other device in your Network Adapters and choose "Scan for Hardware Changes". Windows should automatically detect and reinstall your network controllers.

After doing step 3, I haven't experienced a single disconnect. I've even tried to force one by opening 6 youtube windows, downloading podcasts through iTunes, and playing a game online all at the same time and it ran just fine.
Good luck, hope this helps!:)

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