Windows 7 laptop upgrade?

Hi all,

I am wanting to install/upgrade to windows 7 onto my Asus Pro50n laptop although asus has not released any windows 7 drivers for this model. Is there generic drivers that will work with this computer? Or will I just have to wait until asus releases drivers?

I do not want to go to the time and effort installing windows 7, only to find I can not get drivers for my laptop!


Thanks Drew,

Im not to sure about the motherboard but the sicker on the laptop gives me this information.

CPU; Ath.64 TK57
Memory; 2048MB
HD; 160GB

And a few other things which im sure does not really affect anything!?

It came with Vista Premium and from what I can tell from reading around, most people have been able to use the vista drivers with only some issues with the sound driver.

I may just give it a crack and hope for the best?!



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One of the nice things about Win 7, at least in my experience with my Acer Aspire 5672 WLMi notebook is that Win 7 already has most of the drivers I needed.
When installing XP I find that even the Network Interface Card and Wi-Fi require manual install.

Win 7 installs drivers for these devices and even configures them during the install process.
This means that the boot to a first desktop includes full internet access.
Not so with an XP install on my machine.

The only drivers not installed during setup were drivers for my Web Cam and proprietary drivers for my ATi graphics card and my builtin SD card reader.

The first Windows Update fixes that with acceptable drivers (WHQL from MS) available from MS.

As it is I already had drivers from Acer for my video card including the Catalyst Control software and drivers for my SD card reader.
My webcam's drivers came with a software D/L from Logitech.

However the drivers from MS would have worked as well, they just wouldn't have the additional software needed to help configure the devices.

I would do an online search for the drivers you think you will need (from the individual makers) and D/L them and save them to external media.

I'd be willing to bet that Win 7 will have drivers installed for most of your hardware "out of the box" or install them when you do the first Windows Update.

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All good news, all has gone to planned and is seem to be working great!

The only thing I can see that may be a slight problem is there is a device called coprocessor that does not have drivers. With abit of research, i am currently downloading the lastest nvidia drivers which will hopefully fix this issue?

And there is an unknow device that it can not get the drivers for? How do figure out what the device is?

This is the info it gives me about this device;

Device Type: Universal Serial Bus controllers
Manufacturer: (Standard USB Host Controller)
Location: Port_#0004.Hub_#0001



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Congrats, Hope you get the issues fixed. Do you have a USB hub connected by any chance?

Congrats, Hope you get the issues fixed. Do you have a USB hub connected by any chance?
No i dont have anything connected to my laptop at this time.

Ive tried updating the drivers and a few other things and still have the coprocessor driver not installed along with 1 unknown device as decribed above.

Any ideas would be great.


UPDATE I just installed the chipset drivers and have fixed the coprocessor issue although there still is the one unknown device?

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Oops I was just going to ask if you had updated the chipset.ini.
Question, can you post a screenshot of what Device Manager shows about the missing hardware?

Also D/L the Belarc Advisor and run it. See if you can find out who the maker of the device is.

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit

Thanks heaps fjgold and Drew! All good news here! I went to get a screen shot for you fjgold only to discover there were no longer any problems!

All my driver updating must have fixed it all!!

Now to work out what windows 7 can and can not do! Good fun!



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Good news indeed, my guess is that the chipset.ini update did it all.
One thing a chipset.ini does is setup Plug and Play ie:USB etc.

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