Windows 7 Libraries and WinXP Indexed Shares

I'm hoping someone can demystify my issue here.

- I have a file server running on Windows XP Pro we'll call it XPServer
- I have two windows 7 Pro PC's, that we'll call 7Office and 7HTPC.

It took me a bit to figure it out, but the windows 7 help file told me in order to call a shared folder on the XPServer a "library" that it needed to be indexed. Since it is running XP (older hardware not sure I want to upgrade it to 7 yet), I downloaded windows search 4 and indexed my music folder on the XPServer.

Once I did the above, my 7Office PC was able to successfully add this share as a Library, and I am able to search the index on the XPServer in windows search -- super cool..


for some reason, my 7HTPC can't do the same. It just automagically worked for the 7Office PC, but not for the 7HTPC. the 7HTPC is telling me that "This network location can't be included because it's not indexed." Well if that were true why did the 7Office work just fine?


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