Windows 7 Windows 7 malfunction

Ryu Majin

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Dec 14, 2016
OK so about 3 or 4 months ago I bought a laptop from my mother then a week later I decided to make a new account then about 2 weeks after that I to backup all the information on it and then make that new account administrator after transferring all the documents and stuff to my external hard drive I turned off my computer and went to bed when I turned on my computer in the morning went to the new administrator account click on the icon and something weird happened it won't let me go into the account and something pops up in the thing that pops up says the user profile service service failed login user profile cannot be loaded and that was the account I need my ministrator thing I didn't think much of it didn't give it a password I can I figured I would fix it later then about a month and a half later of procrastinating I decided to do something and it said I made a password which I never did then I just figured what's the point all I have to do is watch videos on my external hard drive which I downloaded from my phone and I didn't need a password for that but then about a week ago I got as a gift internet service from my family but now I can't do anything with it I can get any updates any software or anything because it says I need the password to my administrator account which I never made a password for I can really use some help
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