Windows 7 Media Center Live TV Issue...


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Hauppauge! WinTV-HVR-1600, Windows 7 RC and Media Center is giving me hard time.

First it got stuck trying to download TV guide info, did a little searching and found out mcupdate.exe had to be working. I ended up creating a link on my desktop to "C:\Windows\ehome\mcupdate.exe -manual -nogc -p" and once the guide download started, clicked on it and it worked perfectly. From there MC examines my TV signals, but unfortunately another brick wall has arisen, I can freely setup my tuner as normal, everything is fine but just before the tuner scans the channels I get hit with this error...

"TV Setup Cannot Continue : TV Setup has encountered a serious problem. Select finish to exit, then try again. If the problem persists, restart Windows Media Center or your computer. : PRERELEASE Exception: Element not found. (Exception from HRESULT 0x80070490)"
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My Hauppauge HVR 1600 Tuner is working fine, I can use WinTV app within Windows 7, but for some reason it wont work in 7MC? I know others can get TV working in 7MC but for some reason I can't anyone have any suggestions or steps which I may have forgotten? Any help? Thanks guys.


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For start,, see this.....
That doesn't mean that is what this is,, but it's a start.
one problem we have right now, is 7 is not released of course so, there will be very little 7 related MS KB's for trouble shooting.

But,... "found out mcupdate.exe had to be working" might be in some way related to the above KB.


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Have a similar problem with my HVR-2250

When I try to use the Windows Media Center (WMC) setup I run into trouble, because I can't seem to get WMC to connect to the Hauppauge HVR-2250 board on my PCI Express buss. This is with or without using the WinTV V7 software or just installing the latest downloaded drivers only. The results are always the same when I try to set up WMC.

When I follow the procedures outlined in WMC (Task/Settings/TV/Setup TV Signal) to get WMC integrated with the Hauppauge board so I can view a TV program and even record it as advertised the WMC can do, I get a Error type screen.

TV Setup Cannot Continue
Some WMC services have stopped working. Select Finish to exit, restart WMC Services (from Control Panel, click System and Security, click Administrative Tools, then double-click Services), and restart TV Setup.

PRERELEASE Exception: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {F4396DC6-E851-4D3A-8D01-34E6949F3500} failed due to the following error: 80080005

When I try to follow the instructions that came with this error by going to the Control Panel and trying to restart ( Windows Media Center Receiver Service ) I get the following Error message in the "Services" error window,

[!] Windows could not start the Windows Media Center Receiver Service service on Local Computer.
Error 0x80070005: Access is denied.

Since I am the logged in Administrator on this computer, I can't understand why my "Access is denied".

Anyway, I hope someone can find the answer to this, it sure sounds like if your problem gets solved, so will mine.


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I think I have found root of Problem

I have the following Windows Operating system info.

Window 7 Ultimate
64 Bit system
Evaluation Copy
Build 7100

I wanted to use Windows Media Center but was having problems with it due to the fact that I need to "turn on" or "Start up" at least 2 of the Windows Media Center Services.
1. Media Center Services Receiver Service.
2. Media Center Services Scheduler Service.

On my desktop, I opened the Start menu and in the search window, I typed in "Services" and pressed <Enter>.

At the Services window I moved to the lines that had the services I wanted to turn on (neither one was turned on)

I tried 2 methods of trying to turn on these services.

1. Right Clicked on the service line and Selected Start.
2. Right Clicked on the service line and selected Properties, then clicked the Start button under "Service Status"

In either case the result was the same.
1. The Service Control window would open and a long empty bar would fill with a green line to about the 1/4 mark then close.
2. The Services error window would then open with a yellow triangular sign with an exclamation point in it, with the following message:

Windows could not start the Windows Media Center Receiver Service on Local Computer.
Error 0x80070005: Access is denied

Since I am the only one using this computer and am the primary Logged in administrator, why am I denied access?

So, I believe, you may have the same basic problem, Starting up these two services. Once this can be accomplished, I think it will resolve the rest of the Windows Media Center problems.

I to would be grateful for any help I can get on this one.


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Thought I'd share my discovery after searching google, finding this thread and pulling out my hair. After reading the thread here I thought to myself what the heck there's no answer. Then I sat there and looked at the services page and saw that the service was logged in under Network User so I right clicked the services and selected properties. Then I clicked the Log On tag and clicked Local User. Then it let me start the services no problem. I was so relieved. Hope this helps you two.


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1. Media Center Services Receiver Service.
2. Media Center Services Scheduler Service.

Both of the above are assigned to network service and as manual startup and my TV works fine in windows media centre.
I have found that some TV cards or usb sticks just wont work with media centre. another thing I have found too is that if you set up the software that comes with the card then yiou cant set it up with WMC. It appears that you set up one or the other, not both.


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Thanks Fumjum. I'm using a Pinnacle PCTV 73-e Nano Stick DVB-T tuner which was operating well with Win 7 up to a point and then inexplicably stopped working (possibly after a system update), giving me the customary "No tuner available to satisfy the current request" message. I've fumbled around for weeks looking for a solution in the online forums to no avail. I discovered during my investigations that the Windows Media Center Scheduler and Receiver services were not running but none of the advice I tried could successfully start them. At the end of my patience today I found your thread reply, followed your advice ran my TV signal setup again and....SUCCESS! I'm up and running digital TV again. Cheers.

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