Windows 7 Windows 7 not completely installing

Chris Mayhew

New Member
My motherboard and harddrive died recently. After purchasing a new harddrive and motherboard and installing all my hardware back together, I went to reinstall my windows 7 64 ultimate on new harddrive.

It starts fine loads all the files, uncompresses them and everything. Then it reboots for the first time, takes a while but reboots again, then it crashes right after the windows 7 logo.

Then monitor goes blank and power light goes org. The computer stays on with the drives running, and if i leave it for a while eventually it shuts all the way down. From now on it will boot to the windows logo and stops.

It will load in safe mode but stops short of starting windows and says it can not complete installation in safe mode and reboots and crashes again.

Please help...
It might also involve some type of device or driver situation. Could you describe your system and remove any devices you do not need to complete an install?
I have an AMD 965 black editon cpu. Gigabyte 970 motherboard. WD 1tb harddrive with a 6gb transfer speed. 2 (4gb memory sticks) corsair. Corsair 750w psu. Lite-on DVD burner. Ati 4850 video card.

I have tried installing with a single 2gb memory stick, retail windows dvd, iso created dvd. Always ends the same way. I have also unplugged the front panel usb connectors and after installing files unhooked dvd drive with the same results.
I don't know enough about the ATI video card lines, but I have seen folks having problems with the Catalyst drivers. Maybe reinstall or update them.

If you had another video option, for testing, it might help. But the install operation you describe is where the video resolution is changing and other things, like drivers are being set up.