Windows 7 not showing random files in Programs and Features

I noticed this before and it hasn't been a major inconvenience but now that I have to uninstall Skype so I can downgrade it, it's really annoying.

Some programs installed do not show up in Programs and Features, which makes me manually go to their folder and use their uninstall if they have them, but sadly some people decide to make programs without their own uninstall and make people use the windows provided uninstall which either forces you to give up or try to dig around in the registry which really is risky considering I do not know which files associate with which registry parts.

Is there any way to fix this without having to fully wipe my system or am I just out of luck on this said issue? My Internet is a low 2.5 mbps with frequent cutoffs, which makes recovery of my files(which mess up during backup) a very long job when you have a full house using the computer until 10pm on.

I only had this issue on my Retail version of 7 Home Premium, during the beta test I never had a single error regarding this.

Thanks for getting back to me if you do so, I look forward to any replies and will provide info if needed for said issue.



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Which programs?

Hello and welcome to the forums! Can you please give us an example of some of the programs/software applications you are having trouble with? This would go a long way in explaining your dilemma.

Stuff like Skype and random MMORPGs(that work for windows 7 and never glitched during my use of the beta of 7) I have installed didn't show up in the list, the games thankfully had an uninstall program in its folder but Skype doesn't.

I have the exact same problem.. I suspect it is some kind of virus/trojan/rootkit?

I went to this location in Regedit:


And a few of the folders, when accessing them I get an access denied. Is this normal? Folders such as NVIDIA control panel display, etc

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