Windows 7 on External USB Hard Drive


New Member
I've been trying to install Windows 7 Beta 7000 on my USB Hard Drive, so far no luck. I was wondering if anyone has yet to find a way on how to do it. I've searched forums and everywhere and can't find anyone who has done it. I know it doesn't let you install on the USB Drive, but I did try to install to a fixed disk partition and then copy the partition to the USB Drive using GParted, unfortunately even after trying to repair the Windows 7 installation on the USB Disk, it would just give me a blue screen when trying to boot to it, with no specific error. When using the Windows 7 Startup Repair, it gives me this error at the end:

"Unspecified changes to the system configuration might have caused the problem.
System files integrity check and repair
Error 0x490"

I would have thought there was a way you could hack it so it would work on an external HD, perhaps Microsoft made it not work on external drives? Any information would help if anyone has managed to get it working.

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