Windows 7 Windows 7 or Windows 10 for VPS

Which better?

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I am running a VPS at my home for developing and debugging socket servers.
Currently the computer runs Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and I have the option to upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro 64bit.
I can't buy Windows Server version which is the best for these uses, so I want to know which version has better performance?
I don't use this computer except running simple console programs (without any design).


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If you're going to choose between 7 and 10 I'd say 10 because it's
  • A completely redesigned kernel and core features
  • Has much better built in security and health checking
  • Longer support life

My real answer would technically be some flavor of Linux server edition since it's not as susceptible to malware, free, and it uses much less resources to manage the OS itself than any edition of Windows currently; however Windows 2016 Micro servers may be able to compete on the small footprint. You can run .Net applications on Linux provided you have Mono setup.