windows 7 password lock out

I have recently installed windows 7 home premium and never set a password upon installation (it's a home pc and didn't feel the need to - bad call I'm sure!).
Anyway...I restarted my pc today and it is now asking for a password. I have no idea what this could be. I tried everything I know...I did not install any new software. I did however install windows updates. Do you have any idea what happened and why it's asking me for a password? Is there some default password? I did a google search for quite a while and found nothing.

Thank you so much for your time...Know it's greatly appreciated!


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Have you tried just hitting enter? Too bad you did not fill in the password hint so you could have been alerted. I think there is a way to get around that login screen, but don't remember how now.

Hitting enter doesn't work...It's the strangest thing. How is it asking me for a password when I never even set one?!
Thanks for responding! Hopefully someone has an easy fix...


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I'm not sure what SIW2 was referring to, a little too cryptic for me.

Are you sure you did not put anything in the password box?

The only other thing I might think is hit the delete key to remove the greyed out Password or make sure the box is completely empty. I always put in a password, so I don't have any more suggestions, but I will do some research,


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Is extremely well known. D/l it , burn the .iso to cd as an image, boot the cd and blank the password. You can get into any pc that way. Used by those who forget their passwords.

I know you don't recall setting a password - clearly windows is expecting one - so use this to blank it.

Should do the job here.

By far the best and easiest to use password cleaner is on Paragon Rescue Kit 9 Pro - not free. though.

If you got the Paragon Rescue Kit 8.5 Pro giveaway - though that is an older version - the password cleaner is on that - sensational.

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I'll try the download...Hopefully it's easy. I still wonder how this is possible!
Thanks for all the help!


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You have to follow the instructions on the website.

Thanks! I'll use the program later. Any idea what could cause this? I'm 100% sure I never typed in a password. All of a sudden on a random reset it came up...crazy!

Thanks again!

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2.Decompress the Windows Password Recovery 6.0 and note that there is an .ISO image file. Burn the image file onto an blank CD with the burner freely supported by Windows Password Recovery 6.0
3.Insert the newly created CD into the locked computer and re-boot it from the CD drive. 4.After launched the CD, a window pop up with all your account names(if you have several accounts) select one of the accounts that you have forgotten its password to reset it. Just one press, you have removed the password.


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I did that once. I reinstalled XP and left it blank when it asked for an Administrator Passwrod. I couldn't get in at all. It was demanding a non existent password. I ended up installing Windows again. Needless to say I've allways put in a password since then. Every time Setup asks for one I remember that experience.

I didn't know about forums back then. Maybe someone could have helped me get in.

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