Windows 7 Pro x64 slow to wake up.

I did a clean install of the x64 OS with no problems.
Prior to that I was using the x32 version on a different hard drive.
I have the same programs as I had with the x32.
I keep my Start up pretty small.
I have an E8400 Intel CPU with a Gigabyte motherboad and 4 g's RAM.
This PC used to wake up almost instantly in x32.
Now in x64 it takes an average of 11 seconds.
How can I fix this?

view performance details in eventlog usually give good clues which drivers are slower than expected

Agent Data,
I looked at the event logs and have to admit I don't know what I'm looking for.
I did not see any info about drivers and there is nothing in the hardware events.

you probably were in the wrong log

go into the action center/view performance information/advanced tools/view performance details in event viewer - here we are!

this is the most sensitive log to find bad drivers taking too long - look for degradation times as long as 10 seconds or summing up to 10 seconds. Just post here which drivers take unusual long

Agent Data,
Thanks for the help.
Seems to have been a printer driver.
Removed it and installed a new one and cut off about 3 or 4 seconds in my wake up time.

great you got it solved!

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