Windows 7 Problem with BOOT

Ok 3 days ago my laptop had a problem where it said no bootable device, insert bootable device and press any key. So i went on google so i did a recovery thing i put on my usb flash now then i went in system recovery and i did Startup repair, so by the morning it was finish so i restarted my computer then it said
STATUS: 0XC0000098
INFO: The windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid OS entry

If you are asking if i have install disc i dont but i downloaded the iso and put it on usb with winrar not with Windows download tool because when i use it, it says not valid iso but it is ????

So i tired also installing windows 7 but i get stuck on selecting drive part
Next option i tired was go on install part then click repair computer then last night i did it i click repair computer from the installing screen and it took me to system recovery mode so i did Startup Repair but still Problem

This all started i was doing something thinking my laptop was gonna be back in the brand new state but i forgot i needed something i cancel it then now i got this problem

My pc: Info
Windows 7
Intel Processor
64 BIT


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What OS came with the laptop? Does the laptop still have the hidden partition available? You can try to get into safe mode and use last known good configuration or do a system repair.


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If memory serves:
1- format a flashdrive and make it bootable
2- copy the iso to a hard drive (on another computer) and mount it using Daemon tools etc.
3- copy the ISO files (not the ISO) to the bootable flash drive
4- insert flashdrive into laptop
5- select flashdrive as the boot device and install Windows


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Any chance your hard drive could have failed, or gotten a virus?

Do you see it in the bios?

Did you do anything to change the configuration of the drive? If it says no bootable device, it is either not looking at the correct drive or something has messed with your boot configuration. You might even check the connections on the hard drive to make sure they are secure.

A startup repair should run in just a couple of minutes, each time, but may have to be run 3 times to fix everything. If yours ran overnight, it was looking for something it could not fix, and I have only seen it run a long time if there was no active partition.

If you were to download and burn a copy of the bootable, home edition of Partition Wizard, you could look at the drive to see what might be going on. Cameras can take pictures you could post by attaching using the paperclip, if you so desire.

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