Windows 7 Windows 7 Public Beta: January 9th


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I would expect them back up anytime in the next 6 hours.

kind of ironic

put up more servers just to get the beta release out. then what they gonna do with all those servers?

actually got both my downloads without a hitch. using firefox.

what was the method of rolling vista beta out?

Okay, I''m back from the depths with some funny, and disappointing news.
The beta was again up, and ready for DL with links and working key surveys at 8PM EST, and it lasted (if you could get in) til 8:05, where MS experienced another server overload. I got in and got a key (Almost two) before it went down.

So as for right now, I would imagine we won't see another attempt until 12 PM PST, although at this point it's just speculation.

If only they would accept Bittorrent and use it as a means of distribution, they would save thousands, possibly even millions of dollars considering that they are going to give out 2.5 million downloads of Windows 7 Beta totalling at about 2.4GB each which will total 6000 terabytes in total! The only reason I can find for why they won't use bittorrent is that beta has already been leaked through torrents so an official release like this one (a good PR tactic to create excitment) would be rendered useless =(


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agreed on that one kyle. Today Has been a hell of a mess at Microsoft. And whoever said there gonna rollout more servers just for this....YEAH RIGHT. Microsoft will...ONE... either free server space from existing inuse servers. or...TWO.... rollout the backup servers that they have in reserve and put those to work.

This will show Microsoft Just how much we all love Vista:razz:

still trying to get key(s) no luck yet


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Well personally i believe VISTA was a giant step in computing and Windows 7 greatly improved on it. Yes we had to deal with some driver and hardware issues but deal with it.


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Yes. I agree, Iroken. Unfortunately, Vista was too many changes in one leap, which I feel was probably the reason for the harsh criticism. It was almost a new learning experience. The good side was, if you did learn, then Windows 7 was a simple step forward.
Up until 6801, and to a certain extent, 7000, My heavily tuned Vista still performed as well as 7.
Whatever the hackers have to say, the Beta release has some subtle changes from 7000. It is NOT the same OS. There are one or two differences even in the menus (Defrag options, for example)
Anyway, I have installed both the 64 and 32 bit Windows 7 Betas and I am impressed. There is no way that I will ever get Vista up to that performance. A couple of minor bugs/annoyances, so far. But nothing serious.

yep, still

The site is currently experiencing technical difficulties, please check back in the next business day.

where do live im in houston.MS is having problems where you live I think

good luck

that technet site only works if you subscribe. to which most of us don't. we need a non subscribed site for some keys.

I just heared that the 2.5 million is not reached YET...

THANKS!!! worked great got my Keys.

I see alot of people complaining in this thread about only getting a key for the 64 bit version and not the 32 bit version or vice versa.. remember people, they are interchangeable therefore one will work for both. I got my key yesterday! :) I have successfully installed installed and activated both the 32 bit and 64 bit using the same key. ;) Both are running flawlessly...


how do you create an iso file from the windows 7 beta that I have downloaded?
I have image burn , but there does not seem to be an iso image in the download , please help an idiot:confused:

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