Windows 7 Windows 7 Public Beta: January 9th

i've got 32 and 64. all i need now is a set of keys.

Well I'm having a rather late night tonight! Bring on 4am! :(

EDIT: bloody download has cancelled again

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Crap. I also need my new laptop to be shipped to put this on. GRR!

from the windows 7 home page...

Thanks for your interest in the Windows 7 Beta. The volume has been phenomenalâ€â€￾we're in the process of adding more servers to handle the demand. We're sorry for the delay and we'll re-post the Beta as soon as we can ensure a quality download experience.

two things came to mind when i was monitoring like 4 sites for the download today at work and according to many sources the link was suppose to appear on the windows 7 home page for the beta download, but i never did see that link go up on the site...which i understand for many reasons...

I needed a key once when i couldn't find it, so I did the activate by phone, and it worked without a hitch, wonder if that would work for the

keys are now available

please share the good link

At the begining, 4 hours ago, I signed in with my msn account but remained at the page "please return tomorow..."
hit refresh few minutes ago and:
ta da - win7 64bit key

now i'm trying for x86 but no more links on ms site


i'm not seeing anywhere for some keys. how about a direct link for the registration please

my link was like this:

but now it's not working for me.
lucky for me that I received the key for 64bit

The above mentioned link worked for me about 30 mins ago, I was able to get my Windows 7 Beta 64 bit Edition Key :).. but for some reason it won't work for my 32-bit edition key.. it keeps giving me the "come back next business day" error...

All that link does is send me to the Windows 7 Home page

In Firefox it sends me to the Windows 7 Home Page, in IE i'm getting the "technical error, come back next business day error." I've been trying at this all day, except for an hour when I had to step out... Figures thats when the key site would be working, lol.

i keep getting the same page that's been there for 2 days now. nothing about registration. i'm guess you could probably use the same key on both 32 or 64. but i guess that might be a problem if your going to use 2 computers for both your downloads.

here we go. this is probably the link. it has validation link but says coming soon.

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Well 8PM PST is in 5 min. We'll see if something happens. Personally, I wish they would release it overnight, when most people would be sleeping. But dumbasses like me, will be up waiting for a key :D


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So, my status now:

Almost everything is right now redirecting to the Win7 Homepage. I tried going on the germany Win7 Homepage but I guess the german servers are totally gone off because there is also a redirect. So I'm quite busy today but at about evening (GMT +2) I'll start trying again and keeping you updated.


All that link does is send me to the Windows 7 Home page

That's because you have to be signed in to the microsoft technet site first, then open this link and it should give you a key if you got your email earlier today.. that's what it did for me.. ;)


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Indeed today January 9, 2009 has been one of the worst days in Microsoft History. Not only were they giving out the public beta but they were also going to wipe the image of VISTA. However only some tens of thousands of people managed to get the beta version of the new OS. This is because literally a million people were trying to get on the Microsoft servers all at once. This caused the microsoft servers to literally crash several times throughout the day and the servers were very slow at times that they were up. Microsoft has since taken down the servers and halted all links to the sign-up page. They are making more servers available to try and provide for more downloads at a time.

when do you think they'll get the links up? It's 12:36 AM and no sign of a link. I'm thiniking that they're going to release at some really random time like 3AM EST.

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