Windows 7 Windows 7 Public Beta: January 9th

Im not having any luck yet either


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I'm gonna try again in half an hour! I'll keep you guys updated!

Thanks UBF, sounds great! everytime I try it tells me to come back tomorrow, Haha.


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That's what it always says with me too... I'm btw trying it now again. Just went past the stage where I sign into my Windows Live ID. Now it's still in secure mode of the signing in.

To be honest I have had Build 7000 since yesterday I downloaded a torrent, but I would really love a beta key so I can report and send feedback =/


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Ok... This is really going on my damm nerves!!! I just can't get to the download because either this error message comes or there is just a white screen with the text "Server is too busy!" at the top of the page. I mean, how stupid is this actually: on the English Win7 Homepage there is no single sign of a download of the beta. On the German Win7 Homepage it's not to oversee that button to get to the download. So I go there, choose the language to download and either the stupid "Server is too busy!" message comes again or it takes ages to finally get to log into my Windows Live ID. So I log on and sometime later I give in my personal data and then it takes ages again until something happens but then (as to expect) the error message comes once again. I try to refresh the page but always the same error comes. Even from TechNet it won't work.

Seriously: THIS IS JUST EXTREMELY STUPID! Of course I'm gonna continue trying and I'll still keep you updated but it's still just so damm annoying! If there is anybody that has strong contact to MS in this Forum and is reading this, can they PLEASE tell them what's happening and ask them what's happening and what is going to be happening? Because I really want to know what's going on...


Im in the same boat mate, downloading (well attempting to), but I get 'Server Unavailable' and 'Server is too busy'

Really wanna be one of the 2.5 mill.

Well I got there, download started and then I got a DAMN 404 ERROR!

but maybe MSOFT are getting back up?

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Shameless plug, but I got the link for dling Win 7 directly from Microsoft's servers. So you can get start dling win 7, and then get your key when MS's servers come back up: Windows 7 Mag » Blog Archive » Windows 7 Beta avaliable now



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But it's only english right? I actually really want the German one... Do you maybe have a link for that?

Thanks sooooo much matt. That's the only link working. Woo hoooooooo. I'm downloading babeeeeeeee.
it's actually transfering at 825kbps also

anyone know about the key??????

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i got the 2 iso files i just need my cdkeys


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It's the english one. And for the keys, I heard that the servers will be up at 1PM PST, or in 14 minutes.

Is the key emailed to you or something?

once you complete the survey i think they assign a cdkey and give them to you and emailed at the same time ... im gessing.. common sense :D

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All this talk of Server Too Busy, I find myself thinking... Egad, this is just like being on a woot-off when the Bag of Carp arrives! :eek::eek::eek:

once you complete the survey i think they assign a cdkey and give them to you and emailed at the same time ... im gessing.. common sense :D
Does the survey come from the website (i.e. you gotta GET to a URL and have it load first), or does it come from inside the OS when you install Win7 (i.e. it launches a window that you fill out and it TAKES you to the appropriate place on Microsoft's site)?

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Does the survey come from the website (i.e. you gotta GET to a URL and have it load first)
This is correct

'Due to very heavy traffic we’re seeing as a result of interest in the Windows 7 Beta, we are adding some additional infrastructure support to the properties before we post the public beta. We want to ensure customers have the best possible experience when downloading the beta, and I’ll be posting here again soon once the beta goes live. Stay tuned! We are excited that you are excited'

Source, WindowsTeamBlog.

Who knows when it will be back

could someone post the link to this survey please. or however you get the key.

I hope they fix the problem. I just clicked on the link Jammiedodger546 just posted, and it says 'Server to busy'.

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