Windows 7 Windows 7 RC Installation Error.


Mar 12, 2009
Fellow I have just downloaded the Windows 7 64-bit RC. I used the Deamon Tools and mounted the ISO file of Win7 RC and copy its contents to a Harddisk. Previously I was using Vista 32 bit & not when I click the setup a message pops up saying "The version of this file is not ompatible with the version you are running & check whether you need 64 or 32 bit." Please tell what is the pronlem now.
the problem that you have 32 bit installed and you are trying to update from a 64bit either you download the 32bit version or you have a clean install with the one you have.
you need to burn it on dvd or make bootable memory stick and boot from there and format your installation drive first for a clean installation.
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