Windows 7 RC - May 5th


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Not that this really pertains to the original;ll subject, but I installed the Firefox 3.5 beta, got the download manager, then crashed.

What's really strange was I went to download a forensic software package that was 4.3 GB in size and the site said specifically to use Firefox, IE would not download it


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From previous post:

Since I was using the 32-bit edition, it saves the c:\Program Files\Program Files (x86) and the same old useless windows.old folder.

Now, it will not let me delete either directory. It states needs permision from Trusted Installer, or permission from SYSTEM.

Tried taken ownership didn't work, not did changing my permissions to full control.

Then I find all my previous apps do not run on 64-bit.

I can't handle that

I foundf one website for 64-bit applications for Windows 7, and it was a piss poor selection.

Anybody know of a good site for 64-bit apps?

I remember once I had the same problem trying to delete the Windows.old folder, then I found it in that old Disk cleanup function when you go into the properties of the hdd. Was somewhere in there.

As for x64 apps, they are usually right there next to the x86 downloads
It's like Loathe said. You go to Disk Cleanup and after it finishes the first scan on your system you click on the "Clean up System Files" button and scan again. This will bring up the Windows.old folder and it will remove it. I got 10 gigabytes back when I did this.


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I used Disk Cleanup once and it ended up wiping out some important files.

I will never use that app again.

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