Windows 7 RC & multiple hard drives

Hello everybody, I'm new here. I have a question concerning windows & and multiple hard drives. I have built a new PC to run Windows 7 on, it has a 60GB OCZ SSD drive that the OS is installed on & a matched pair of Western Digital caviar black 640GB hard drives for data storage (pictures, video etc.). Unfortunately when I go into Windows 7 I can see the all the drives in device manager and they are reported as working correctly. When I go into Windows Explorer, however, the only drive I can see is the SSD. The bios is set correctly for all the drives. Any idea's folks ? I'm at a bit of a loss. :(


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There is a setting to not show empty drives in Windows Explorer. If the two data drives are empty they wouldn't show.

Cheers fella.:) Now if I'd only thought about it a bit more before I formatted my newly visible drives I wouldn't have destroyed the MBR on one of the drives. DOH!!!!!!:eek:

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