Windows 7 Resolution Restrictions

Okay so last night I installed my Windows 7 Ultimate.

I have a 30GB partition for XP remaining so that if this fails i can resort back and copy files over. The remaining 190GB goes to Windows 7 Ultimate.

So I installed successfully without any problems. Then it logged in fine etc etc. First thing I tried was to see if anything would run without drivers or if it would direct me to a Windows 7 Specific one. So I ran a few games, WoW, CoD 2, CoD 4. It didnt redirect so I started the Windows Update too.

Downloaded all the available updates except most language packs. It detected my graphics card, after this I restarted the computer, to be loaded into a Black screen, sound and everything worked as I heard it logon but I couldnt see anything.

I restarted the computer and used the F8 key to select 'last known good-configuration'. This loaded it fine with graphics, from here i proceeded to go to the desktop resolution to increase it. Heres were I learnt that if i increase it past 1024 x 768 it results in the black screen.

Clearly it wasn't working so I uninstalled the Graphics card (Nvidia 9500GT) and went to Nvidias site. Went to the correct sections etc etc. Geforce 9 Series > Windows 7 > 64Bit > 191.07 (International [UK]) - This lead me to downloading:


After installing this to sum it up i repeated the increasing steps before and it again results in a black screen past the previously said size. Regardless of using Nvidia Control Panel or the Windows 7 Display options.

I even tried updating my bios to most recent and adding the Acer AL1714 (monitor) colour profile.

System Information:

System Built: Custom
OS Installation: Windows 7 64 Bit
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 4200 Duel Core
Motherboard: 939NF6G-VSTA - ASRock
Sound: Motherboard Built In - Realtek HD.
Virus Scanner: AVG Free Edition
Microsoft Updates Completed?: Yes All except language packs.
Driver Updates Completed?: Motherboard, Graphics, Sound Yes

Windows clarify s it to be a 64 Bit installation in case some thinks it got corrupted.

Bottom Line: I want to increase my resolution to 1280 x 1024 like it is in the XP OS. I have also has in RC before this it to be working fine, the only problem at that time was lack of Nvidia drivers to do most gaming etc. Other than that it was fine.

- Thank you for any help !

Have you tried using the NVIDIA Windows Vista drivers, since they seemed to work well for you...

Arent the W7 and vista drivers the same on the Nvidia Site ?

I never had Vista installed, thought it was horrible on my laptop. So I just used XP then to 7.

I had a BSOD problem with installing nvidia drivers on my 9800gtx+ which i finally managed to cure after i discovered avira antivir and windows defender where running at the same time and once i had turned off defender the problem was solved, ( two spyware engines not good :frown: )

maybe try unninstalling avg and turn off defender and try the driver install :cool:

Personally, I havent been to the NVIDIA site, but you could try uninstalling all drivers and letting Windows 7 find some for you.

i have vertually the same system as you.
system built : custom
os installation : windows 7 64-bit
processor :amd athlon x2 4200 duel core
ram 3 gb ddr2
motherboard is : amd
sound built in
virus scanner is norton
all up dates are complete

at the moment the only problems that i have is

some times windows shuts down and has a memory dump and then it will not play flight sim in duel screen mode. it only plays in one screen but with xp i had 3 screens on the go. can anyone help !

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