Windows 7 Security and help with my son cracking passwords

hi all new to the forums and need help.

I am tired of my son downloading programs on my computer on his account so I disabled the admin privileges on his account. It was working cause he would call me down when the pop up box asking for my admin password and if I felt it was okay I would enter my password so he could download. Well recently I noticed some stuff downloaded that I didnt approve. So I asked him what was up, and he stated he had a cd with some files on it that would allow him to bypass the privileges I had set up on his account. I also noticed that my personal account(with admin privileges) the password was changed. (not admin account) I now have changed both my admin and personal account to a pass that is 25 characters long.

now the only thing I have used in the past is opcrack and I thought that was only good for vista and xp?

what else can i do to stop him from bypassing my passwords and or bypassing my admin privileges set on is account or to keep him from booting to cd or usb drive?



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