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Windows 7 Windows 7 setup error


New Member
May 9, 2009
Ok, heres my problem:

1) I started Windows 7 setup and started to install it on my new 1TB hard drive.
2) I let the setup go for a while and when it got to expanding the files, it got stuck at 58%.
3) The setup stayed there for at least an hour.
4) I restarted the computer from there and now my hard drive is not even detected anymore.

The hard drive is recognized in the bios but not in windows, and when I try to start up the setup disk, it just freezes on "Setup Starting..." then it eventually quits. Is there something wrong here? I need to install Windows 7 on this 1 TB hard drive so I can clear the 500 GB hard drive, which is the one I am using right now to post this thread.
Have you tested the disk or used it previously (it might be broken)? Did you try another CD (perhaps burn issue)? Which mode is disk running on (IDE/AHCI/RAID)? How much RAM are you using?
I have already used the hard drive before. I have burned this cd 3 times now and the disk is of course running on RAID mode like I always do. and I am also using 3 gb of ram