Windows 7 slow and incomplete downloads with IE8 AND FF3.5


I have setup a brand new Windows 7 RTM (MSDN subscriber) installation just to test the OS. I have another XP machine also with IE8 & FF3.5 in the same LAN segment and with the same access to the internet and the same applications installed. Corporate firewall rules apply exactly the same to both machines at our router.

In general, internet downloads with IE and FF perform the same in both machines XP and Windows7. But in some pages when I download a file in Windows 7 the file begins to download but suddenly the progress bar stops for some seconds and then suddenly the download completes but the file (.zip) is incomplete, there are several megabytes from the file that couldn't be downloaded in Windows 7 and thus it is corrupt and can't be opened in the Windows 7 box.

This behaviour is not only with IE8 in Windows 7 but also with FF 3.5. I haven't tested Chorme nor Opera.

This is the file I can't download. Is a flash component for maps in web pages.

Viewing HTTP headers with Firebug, reveals this server software at the other end:

Server Apache/2.2
X-Powered-By PHP/5.2.6
Keep-Alive timeout=5, max=100
Connection Keep-Alive
Transfer-Encoding chunked
Content-Type text/html; charset=UTF-8

With the XP box that I have side by side I can download this file, without interruptions and the file is complete so it can be opened.

Any ideas what is going on in the Windows 7 box?

First i thought the Antivirus software might not be updated for Windows 7 and was conflicting with some downloads so I have tried this with no result:

1) Uninstall AV software (NOD32)
2) Disable Firewall & Windows Defender
3) Boot in Safe Mode with Network

None of them resolved this proble so I can't download this file from my Windows 7 machine, but I can download it with no problems from my XP machine that I have side-by-side with the same browser versions.

Has anyone experienced something similar? In general I'm very glad with how Windows 7 has evolved but this thing annoys me.


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I have just downloaded the file with FF3.5 in Windows 7 RC and it downloaded successfully.
One of the senior members will no doubt advise you what to do. I like know the answers to these problems

I have also had this issue and have tried Opera and Firefox to resolve even a download manager and still no resolution.
Still slow browsing and downloads stop at 20% 30% ECT also Itunes I could not download tracks or apps.

Strangely xfire Games update Downloads within in xfire work fine.

I previously had issues with MTU setting in Vista running XP on the same network so manualy edited them this help.

I looked on my Router site and there was a new Firmware update out
So I flashed my router with latest firmware and this has resolved my Windows 7 issue!

Now IE Opera and Firefox all fast as ever, browsing and downloading!

Possible the way windows seven handles routing and firewall

If this works let me know I am interested as I did 2 fresh installs and was getting frustrated as I could see no reason for this.

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